I went to say goodbye

But she’s no longer there

You told me to pass along

The love of family’s share


You were too far to come

And lay your grief to rest

So too you bid me go

And give of family’s best


I said our sad goodbyes

To one we knew so well

I drank the salty water

I drew from family’s well


Near the end of the service

All the words have been said

We joined our hands in prayer

To ready family’s bed


I felt your hand in mine

As my head was bowed in prayer

And I knew you made it after all

Surrendered family’s care


Though miles apart you were

You still said your goodbyes

Your body there, your heart was here

Spilling your family’s sighs


Toward the stony field

We as one did go

Knowing that she’s happy now

Joy mingled family’s woe



Corwyn MacCamie 7/23/03





















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